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Kaligua Tea

Kaligua tea is made from the best quality black tea from plantations in the highlands of Brebes, Central Java, which are processed by experts who are very dedicated in each production process, without coloring and preservatives to get
the best quality tea with real aroma and taste. This tea is available in tea powder and tea bag variants.

Rollaas White Tea

Picked before the sun rises from the top of the tea that has not yet bloomed, so that the shape and quality of the tea leaves remain fresh, then dried without going through the oxidative enzymatic process so that it has high nutrition. The antioxidant content of white tea polyphenols is 3 times higher than other teas.

Kayu Aro Tea

Kayu Aro tea is a quality no. 1 tea in the world. Teh Ty Poo, the British company of the world's premium tea producer, which is well-known in England, was founded by Sir John Jr, using raw materials from Kayu Aro Tea. The Queen of the Netherlands since Queen Wihelmina, Queen Juliana until Queen Beatrix is a connoisseur of Aro wood tea. Clear orange with thick feeling on the tongue and long lasting after taste, produced by the Kayu Aro plateau, Kerinci – Jambi Province.

Goalpara Tea

Goalpara tea is the first tea in Indonesia that was brought by the Indians to Indonesia in the 17th century. At that time they carried out research and got the results that the land that could produce the best quality tea plants was in the mountains of West Java due to the structure and substance contained therein. The Goalpara is available in several variants (powder or brew).

Teh Toba Sari dan Teh Butong

Tobasari Tea and Butong Tea Original black tea leaves with a distinctive taste from Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra Province.
Tobasari Teh comes from selected top black teas which are specially processed and mixed to produce quality tea. Every cup of tea comes from carefully grown and cared for leaves.