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Premium Pure Cane Sugar

Made from selected sugar cane which is sent from the best sugarcane plantations from all corners of the earth through a milling process supervised by the best professionals to produce sugar with premium quality.

The Advantages of Pure Cane Sugar

Standar Nasional Indonesia

Nusakita premium tea  has a guaranteed with Standar National Indonesia I certification in terms of  company policies implementation,  management team, facility training, and raw materials.


High Grade Nusakita premium tea comes from the best tea beans with the best treatment and packaging processes. Only the best tea beans are selected to ensure that the tea has an upscale taste.


Nusakita premium tea starts from the plant selection, cultivation techniques, post-harvest handling, packaging and marketing of the final product through the highest quality process

Best Plantation Products Produce Best Products

PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) is able to produce quality sugar in large quantities to meet the needs of the community and processed with a quality-maintained process to  produce a high health standards.

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