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Premium Java Mocha Blend

Nusakita premium coffee made from selected coffee beans from the best coffee plantations from the motherland through a grinding process by professional staff followed by the best quality control to ensure premium quality.

The Advantages of Java Mocha Blend


Nusakita premium coffee  has a guaranteed with Halal certification in terms of  company policies implementation,  management team, facility training, and raw materials.


High Grade Nusakita premium coffee comes from the best coffee beans with the best treatment and packaging processes. Only the best coffee beans are selected to ensure that the coffee has an upscale taste.


Nusakita premium coffee starts from the plant selection, cultivation techniques, post-harvest handling, packaging and marketing of the final product through the highest quality process.

Best Plantation Products Produce Best Products

PT Perkebunan Nusantara IX with Arabica and robusta coffee cultivation is committed to producing high quality and highly competitive products. The resulting products have passed various tests and quality tests so that PTPN IX products have been known as export quality products at competitive prices. PT Perkebunan Nusantara IX is committed to becoming an agribusiness company that is highly competitive and capable of sustainable growth and development and always produces and distributes a variety of products that are halal, high quality and environmentally friendly for all consumers. You can feel the quality Nusakita premium coffee  when you enjoy a cup of coffee, it can be Arabica, Robusta, or Liberica coffee where they all have different flavors and characteristics. Good coffee is produced from a long process, starting with the selection   

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