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With the Spirit to Build
the Country

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Our Plantations Across the Country

Nusakita is the brand of PTPN Group, each product comes from plants that being grown and raised in plantation areas throughout Indonesia, with the best planting methods, we sure can produce the best results as well. Nusakita provides an opportunity for everyone to get premium quality in all Nusakita product.

Our Value

Coverage All Indonesia
More Than 10K Production Every Month
Fast Responsibility
Valuable Price
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As Company

Nusakita is a brand formed by PTPN Group, with our four value that matches everyone's expectations, Nusakita is a worthy brand to compete in the retail industry with the best production system and the quality product.

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Get Quality Products Only at Nusakita

Nusakita give attention to the details of each of the products, from the planting process, harvesting process  and package the products with a good and safe packaging. Nusakita promises everyone satisfaction of purchase, giving everyone the opportunity to be able to enjoy the best products from our earth.

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